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is a personal development company based in London, UK, and was founded in 2014 by Christian Rodwell (Certified Master Coach by the Coaching Standards Authority).Within this community we offer support and guidance to help our members to gain clarity on exactly what their major goals and desires are in life, and then to assist them in taking massive, focused action towards achieving them.

Sep 25, 2017

Would you like to know what the five key qualities are that define a rockstar business?

On this week’s episode of Escape The Rat Race Radio, I’m very pleased to welcome Jonathan Pfahl. Jonathan is the Founder and the Managing Director of the Rockstar Group, the UK’s largest Entrepreneur and Mentoring firm.

Since leaving the ‘rat race’ behind in 2007 by quitting his job as one of the Wealth Managers for Goldman Sachs, Jonathan’s Rockstar Group has grown way beyond simply offering high quality mentoring to entrepreneurs. They now include their own crowdfunding platform, law firm, sales outsourcing platform, PR company, mentoring app [Rockstar Business World], plus their own digital marketing company, and hedge fund.

Whilst still only in his 30s, Jonathan is a driven and successful entrepreneur who is passionate about working with entrepreneurs who are determined to see their business grow. He achieves the goals with his mentees by making them measurable and achievable, but at the same time, will have an immediate effect on the business.


In this episode you’ll learn…

  • The great unique investment opportunity that Jonathan created which allowed him to escape the rat race and start his own company
  • What the 5 key qualities are that define a ‘Rockstar Business’
  • The commitment that you will need to put in if you want to launch a new business whilst still holding down a 9-5 job
  • The common mistakes that most people make when starting a new business, and how to avoid them
  • Why your perfect customers are the ones that will help you define your USP (unique selling proposition)
  • The 3 main reasons why so many businesses go bust and never survive longer than 5 years
  • How Jonathan navigated his way through the 2008 global financial crisis when Rockstar was barely one year old, and what his biggest business mistake was during that period
  • What happened when Jonathan bumped into Robert Kiyosaki, the author of ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ outside a pub in Mayfair, London
  • Why owning your own business provides more security in a recession than being employed
  • How you can start to invest in Rockstar companies and create additional income streams whilst you’re building your own business



‘Our goal is to generate as much profit in the companies that we back’

‘You’re crazy to just quit your job and go full hog [on a business idea] without any confirmation first that it’s going to work’

‘Don’t go looking for customers to begin with, go looking for raving fans that are going to love you and what you’re trying to do’

‘The reason people fail [in business] is because the product isn’t unique enough and they don’t have enough margin’

‘That’s the secret when you’re in a recession, you need to be able to adapt quickly’


Links & Resources mentioned in this episode:

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Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki [Book]

Rockstar Founders Club Investment Opportunity


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