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is a personal development company based in London, UK, and was founded in 2014 by Christian Rodwell (Certified Master Coach by the Coaching Standards Authority).Within this community we offer support and guidance to help our members to gain clarity on exactly what their major goals and desires are in life, and then to assist them in taking massive, focused action towards achieving them.

Nov 20, 2017

What does it mean to be a disruptive entrepreneur?

This week’s guest on Escape The Rat Race Radio is Rob Moore. Rob is known for being Disruptive. He has held 3 world records for public speaking & has authored 9 books including global best-seller’s ‘Life Leverage’ and most recently, ‘Money: Know More, Make More, Give More’. Rob founded & co-owns the UK’s largest & most Disruptive property education business, Progressive Property, and owns & manages over 550 properties with his business partner, Mark Homer.

Rob’s own podcast, The Disruptive Entrepreneur has listeners in over 184 countries with over 1.1m subscribers.

Rob has also helped 100,000s of people become entrepreneurs & investors since 2006. He is known as the ‘property millionaire maker’ in many circles & his mantra is ‘If you don’t risk anything, you risk everything’.

In this episode you’ll learn…

  • The trigger which snapped Rob out of just being a lost and confused young struggling artist, to multi-million pound property investor & entrepreneur
  • Why it is vital to engineer who you spend your time hanging out with if you wish to become more wealthy and successful
  • The importance of finding business partners who have complementary skills to yourself but a similar vision
  • What Rob’s favourite word in the dictionary is, and how it can help you to work smarter….instead of harder
  • Rob’s equation for calculating what your highest IGT (income generating tasks) are for you in your business, and why this alone can skyrocket your value to the business drastically
  • Why you need a hard deadline and an income target if you’re serious about quitting your 9-5
  • The story of how being fired from his job actually was the catalyst that drove Rob and his business partner Mark to setup Progressive Property
  • Rob’s advice for finding the right business opportunity that can ultimately lead you to wealth
  • Rob’s vision to create global financial freedom and to help people across the planet get better financial education



‘The reality is some people are not made to be entrepreneurs’

‘The longer the timeline you give yourself [to quit your job], the less you’ll do and the more you’ll fill it with unimportant tasks’

‘At least half of all the courses I have ever invested in, I’ve probably never done anything with. But the other half have made me tens of millions of pounds’

‘You want to build your self awareness over time so that you know what your weaknesses are’

‘It’s better to learn too much than not enough’

‘You shouldn’t make too many decisions final because in 3 to 6 months it might be the right thing’

‘Passive income is possible, but you have to work hard enough not to work hard’

‘Knowing who you are means you can let go of the things that aren’t right for you, which gives you more clarity’

‘See every decision as a test rather than something that is final’


Rejection Recall:

‘You have to master rejection, and you never stop getting rejected’


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Links & Resources mentioned in this episode:

‘Money: Know More, Make More, Give More’ - Rob Moore [Book]

‘Life Leverage: How To Get More Done In Less Time & Outsource Everything’ - Rob Moore [Book]


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Rob Moore Official Website

The Disruptive Entrepreneur Podcast

Progressive Property


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