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is a personal development company based in London, UK, and was founded in 2014 by Christian Rodwell (Certified Master Coach by the Coaching Standards Authority).Within this community we offer support and guidance to help our members to gain clarity on exactly what their major goals and desires are in life, and then to assist them in taking massive, focused action towards achieving them.

Dec 4, 2017

Is now still a good time to buy Bitcoin?

You've probably heard the terms Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, blockchain come up quite a lot recently.

But how much do you REALLY understand?

On this week’s episode you’ll be able to eavesdrop into a live webinar which I hosted for #ETRR members recently where I invited the Founder of Make More Marbles, and former guest of mine on the Escape The Rat Race Radio Show - Brad Hart, to share his knowledge and expertise with you on this exciting topic.

Brad first became aware of Bitcoin back in 2009, when barely anybody knew anything about it yet. At that time, BTC (Bitcoin) was trading at $0.05.

Today, one bitcoin = $11,300!

During this live Q&A / webinar, you'll find out exactly what Cryptocurrency is, why it’s important, and where it's heading.

I want to make sure that all #ETRR members are well educated in this area and to prevent you from 'dabbling' in something you don't fully understand and getting your fingers burned.



You’ll hear Brad refer to a special Crypto Cheat Sheet which he has put together which contains everything you could wish to know about the subject, and you can DOWNLOAD IT HERE.

The Crypto Cheat Sheet Reveals Everything You MUST Know To Make Successful Investments In Cryptocurrency, Without Having To Wade Through Piles Of Shady Or False Information.


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Make More Marbles Crypto Cheat Sheet - Download Here


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